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  • Multi-view X-ray needs to comply with recent and emerging regulatory requirements
  • High-powered X-ray necessary for superior performance with organics and other dense commodities
  • Multiple tunnel sizes must accommodate a full range of freight: break-bulk, skids and pallets
With today’s evolving air cargo security challenges, you need reliable, high-throughput equipment that is cost effective, tuned to your demanding environment and backed by an experienced team of trainers and support engineers. The air cargo security market is growing and investments are being made worldwide to screen freight on passenger aircraft to meet regulatory guidelines.

L3 provides a range of systems that meet worldwide regulatory requirements.
The TSA-qualified dual-view systems include the PX™ 10.10-MV, a flexible, high-performance, multi-view X-ray for non-palletized freight; the PX™ 15.17-MV 200, a high-powered, multi-view X-ray for superior performance with organics and other dense commodities, available in 200 & 320 kV; and the PX™ 18.18-MV 200 and PX™ 18.18-MV 320, high-powered, multi-view X-ray systems for superior performance with organics and other dense commodities.

Our equipment handles shipments of varied sizes and applications. L3 products come in a number of tunnel sizes (small, medium and large X-ray) and include both conventional X-ray and advanced technology (AT) systems that have approved software algorithms that automatically detect explosives. We offer sophisticated multi-view architectures along with best value single-view systems. Many of these systems are TSA-qualified, including some of our low-cost systems and large X-ray platforms, and additional products have been submitted for qualification with regulators worldwide.

L3 has long-standing expertise as a trusted supplier of air cargo solutions.
For over a decade, we have been providing airports and shippers with a line of conventional X-ray inspection systems for break-bulk, skids, pallets and ULDs. Our equipment screens cargo ranging from containers of fruits and vegetables to electronics, and is currently in operation at shipping, forwarding and certified cargo screening facilities (CCSF).