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  • Enhanced airline passenger security screening solutions
  • Improved passenger convenience during airline screening process
  • Greater operational efficiency for airport security

As passenger security requirements and concerns continue to evolve and become increasingly complex, airports worldwide need to keep pace by protecting passengers and commerce without impeding their movement. This requires high-throughput systems that are designed to keep pace with busy checkpoints.

Enhanced airport checkpoint security is achieved with advanced detection algorithms for identification of bulk, sheet and trace explosives, as well as LAGs, HME’s and future threats; available risk-based screening options for passengers and baggage; and 2D/3D image review for alarm resolution.

Improved passenger security and convenience is accomplished with the elimination of liquids and electronics divestment; parallel divesting at the conveyor to reduce wait times for travelers; and a quick, stationary body pose for passenger screening.

Greater operational efficiency comes with compact, ergonomic systems; intuitive touch screen interfaces; remote/centralized screening; high speed ConOps for passenger and cabin baggage screening; and real-time system and screener performance data.