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  • Combination of X-ray scanning and image analysis technologies for checked bags
  • Screens checked baggage for potential threats and contraband
  • Explosives detection systems for enhanced aviation threat detection

L3 Security & Detection Systems meets the stringent explosives detection standards of regulatory agencies worldwide and is a leader in full-suite advanced technology/computed tomography (AT/CT) systems, from stand-alone to high-throughput in-line configurations. L3 SDS supplies airports from North America to Asia and everywhere in between, having installed close to 2000 in-line, automated, high-throughput checked baggage security systems.

The TSA-certified and EU Standard 3-approved MV3D® EDS model from L3 is designed to meet high levels of explosives detection performance. Its revolutionary design generates the throughput and image quality of previous EU Standard 2 systems while providing the detection performance required of EU Standard 3 systems, all at a very high level of reliability. This powerful combination delivers increased throughput while reducing capital investment, staffing and maintenance costs over the life of the system.

L3 SDS offers customers a broad range of TSA-certified and EU-approved explosives detection systems for every throughput class, from its widely deployed eXaminer® 3DX (540 BPH) to the high-speed, dual-energy eXaminer® XLB (1,200 BPH). The MV3D enhances L3's EDS lineup, enabling the company to offer an 1,800 BPH solution for airports requiring the highest level of throughput.