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  • Safe, active millimeter wave screener with imaging and automatic target detection
  • Checkpoint X-ray systems for hand-carried items
  • Mailroom X-ray parcel systems

Despite the efforts of prison authorities to keep drugs, weapons, and other contraband out of their facilities, these items get smuggled in by way of visitors, staff, vendors, mail and deliveries. These items can be brought in on a person’s body or in large or small bags. Employees, visitors and packages coming into mail rooms all need to be carefully screened. Non-invasive screening technologies can spot threats and contraband quickly, safely and with greater efficiency to foil the attempts at hiding prohibited items.

Deployed at high security facilities, the L3 SDS SafeView™ personnel screeners quickly reveal concealed objects made of a broad variety of materials — both metallic and non-metallic. SafeView uses safe, active millimeter wave (MMW) radio frequency, not X-rays or any ionizing radiation. The scanning experience is easy – a single, stationary position with no special movements or motions required.

L3 SDS has X-ray baggage and parcel screeners in many tunnel sizes, from the small PX™ 5.3 to the large tunnel sized PX™ 18.18-MV. These offer the ability to screen items from purses to a full pallet of goods.