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  • Proven technology detects explosives, firearms, radioactive materials and other banned items
  • Nuclear power plant security
  • Cost effective, lower total cost of ownership

Critical infrastructure, such as a nuclear power generation facility, needs to place a heavy emphasis on security because of the potentially huge economic and social impact of an intrusion. Today, most critical infrastructure is protected by robust perimeter security structured to be multi-layered and interwoven. The result is that an attack "over the wall" is unlikely.

The likely threat now comes disguised as an employee entering the plant or hidden in incoming goods. Security checkpoints play a key role in protecting these facilities by efficiently screening all people and goods that enter and exit the facility.

We deliver a range of checkpoint security solutions designed to detect explosives, firearms, radioactive materials and other banned items at both the security checkpoints and loading docks/warehouses. L3's product platforms are software-based architectures which are upgradeable to address future and emerging threats.

L3's advanced critical infrastructure screening solution is both high-throughput and cost effective. The advanced security checkpoint often includes L3's ProVision® 2 personnel screeners, ACX® 6.4-MV X-ray systems, and explosives trace detection units. At the loading dock / warehouses, large pallet X-ray systems such as the PX™ 15.17-MV 200 or 320, the larger PX™ 18.18-MV 200 or 320 scan incoming goods. ProScreen and CR-Portal™ radiation detectors can be included. Together, these solutions deliver a highly effective multi-layered detection capability with a low false alarm rate while minimizing costly and time consuming re-screening of people and bags. 

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