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Upgrades —
eXaminer Algorithm Software Upgrade Reduces False Alarm Rate

The TSA-certified 65.3 software upgrade for eXaminer® 3DX systems enhances explosives detection, operational efficiency and baggage throughput by significantly reducing false alarms and the time and labor required to resolve them.

In real-world conditions, the algorithm software has been shown to reduce false alarm rates to low levels, assuring a continuous flow of baggage, even at the busiest terminals. Fewer false alarms reduce operational labor costs associated with searching and reviewing alarmed bags.

This software upgrade — performed in the field — requires no additional equipment modifications or operator training and is available for in-line eXaminer 3DX systems equipped with version 5.2SP1 software or later versions and at least 4GB of memory.

Options —
One-meter entry tunnel

The eXaminer’s one-meter wide entrance tunnel simplifies integration with existing baggage handling systems. Any existing eXaminer system — in-line, partially integrated or stand-alone — can be configured with the new, wider tunnel.

  • Skis, golf bags and other extra-long or oversized objects are no problem for the eXaminer's one-meter tunnel. Built to handle baggage up to 100 inches (2.54 m) long, when used with conveyors designed for oversized objects, the eXaminer accepts longer bags than any TSA-certified EDS system.

  • The eXaminer's active centering and alignment feature senses bag size and automatically rotates each bag to minimize the potential for jams. If a bag gets held up, the eXaminer's Automatic Jam Recovery feature resolves the jam in less than 30 seconds.

  • Design refinements narrow the space required between bags, boosting the eXaminer's throughput to more than 550 bags an hour (eXaminer 3DX) and more than 750 BPH (eXaminer 3DX-ES) when used as part of an integrated in-line system.

Flexible networking options link up to 270 network elements — scanners, viewing systems and search workstations — to help clear more bags, enabling airports to realize staffing and operating cost savings.