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  • ECAC-EU C3 Standard cabin baggage screener
  • ECAC-EU C2 Standard cabin baggage screener
  • TSA AT-2 Tier II certified cabin baggage screener
  • Integrated aviation checkpoint security solution
  • High-throughput/low false alarm rate
  • Fits in tight aviation checkpoint security areas
  • Flexible ConOps
  • Solid & liquid explosives detection
  • HME detection

The L3 ClearScan® cabin baggage screener uses CT technology and advanced algorithms to deliver the highest level of explosives threat detection at an unprecedented false alarm rate. The aviation security system is designed to detect solid and liquid explosives, as well as HMEs, to the latest regulatory requirements without the need for any divestment. This offers the highest level of passenger convenience, allowing for liquids and electronics to be screened while remaining in cabin baggage.

Enhanced Security
  • Combines dual-energy CT technology and advanced explosives detection
  • Detects solid, liquid, sheet explosives and smaller emerging threats such as home-made explosives
Improved Passenger Convenience
  • Eliminates divesting of liquids and electronics allowing passengers to save time and use less trays
  • A low false alarm rate reduces the number of bag re-check searches required
  • Optional integration with automated tray return system (TRS)
Greater Operational Efficiency
  • Remote carryon baggage screening efficiently allocates alarm  resolution among security operators
  • Low false alarm rate reduces the need for bag re-check personnel while enhancing throughput
  • High resolution 3D and 2D imaging allows operator to rapidly and confidently resolve alarms
Cabin Baggage Screener Product Highlights
  • Eliminates divesting of liquids and electronics
  • Detects solid, liquid, sheet explosives and HMEs
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Optional features such as carryon baggage remote screening