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  • Remote screening of cabin baggage
  • Real-time operational monitoring and reporting
  • Image-archive retrieval
  • Directed cabin baggage security search
  • Facilitates risk-based airport security operations

IntelliCore™ is L3's operational software suite that ties the aviation checkpoint security together and helps drive new levels of efficiency and performance.

The IntelliCore remote screening application enables operators to rapidly assess potential concealments with support from both algorithms and 3D and 2D tools. Remote screening multiplexes together many operator viewing stations with many ClearScan® systems located together or in a distributed fashion. This centralized screening helps to reduce staffing and equipment needs and frees up valuable aviation checkpoint security floor space.

The IntelliCore search station delivers 3D/2D search tools optimized for targeted, directed cabin bag search which minimizes passenger wait time through the airport security checkpoint.

The IntelliCore command center provides real-time access to security operations from anywhere with a laptop or tablet. It gives operational performance, system health status and live image review.

The IntelliCore TRS integration application allows for parallel divesting to accelerate throughput, automatic RFID tracking and is compatible with leading tray return systems.