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  • Scans vertical container stacks
  • Radiation detection and isotopic content identification
  • Backed by an experienced team of trainers and support engineers

Bring high-resolution, high-throughput container scanning to storage and transshipment yards, while keeping costs down and efficiency up.

CR-Mobile provides port operators with the ability to scan containers via the stack. The CR-Mobile easily integrates into port operations by rapidly scanning vertical container stacks using high radiation detection performance technology with very low false alarm rate. Medical, industrial and special nuclear materials (SNM) are identified in cargo containers while differentiating from benign naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) present in the stream of commerce.

The radiation detection and isotopic content identification functions are performed as the CR-Mobile passes over the containers. Detectors and optical character recognition (OCR) sensors are placed at each container level to allow scanning of vertical stacks as rapidly as a single container level.

When dispatched, the operator drives the CR-Mobile to a container stack for scanning.  The OCR and GPS system provides CCS automatic confirmation when specified scans are completed.