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  • Visually-based solution/intuitive user interface
  • Vendor-neutral software
  • Common user interface for a variety of sensors – including other vendors
  • Allows for higher throughput and increased probability of detection

L3's CV 2™ software solution integrates data from all scanning systems onto a single, centralized display. The software is a user-friendly, visually-based solution that allows analysts to quickly and accurately assess cargo contents locally or remotely for contraband and other illegal materials. Networking systems (including different vendors) together under one software suite adds information on system usage and allows flexibility in staffing. Images can be displayed from many locations, seamlessly integrating data from multiple sensors. With the networking of legacy systems using CV 2, analysts can be trained on a common workstation, thereby reducing analyst training and staffing costs.

This software suite includes tools for image analysis, system operations, and user and asset management and training operating in a secure, enterprise-wide environment. Workflow automation software tracks container status and disposition to optimize scanning system utilization and analyst resources. Analysts are able to quickly view enhanced data provided with a container scan taken from trucks, other vehicles and rail cars. Using CV 2 software, images can be displayed from many locations, local and/or remote, seamlessly integrating data from multiple sensors across multiple vendor systems. The benefits of this common user interface include greater operational efficiency, higher throughput and increased probability of detection.