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Learn More about the B220 HT™ Desktop Trace Detector

  • Simultaneously detects explosives and drugs in seconds
  • Dynamic Cleaning™ optimizes unit for sampling on hands
  • ConnectETD™ networking solution
  • Lowest false alarm rate in the industry
  • First-ever certified wand for passenger screening

The B220 HT Trace Detector combines the latest in Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) analysis technology with unmatched ease-of-use and an industry-leading low false alarm rate (FAR). The B220 HT provides simultaneous detection of explosives and drugs, delivering results in seconds. The B220 HT comes equipped with our ConnectETD Networking Solution, which instantly gives a real-time status of up to 200 connected B220 systems. It is a robust solution that features remote troubleshooting and diagnostics. ConnectETD connects into the existing system's architecture, enabling customers to monitor alarms and system health. It also generates reports and charts performance statistics.

The B220 HT features our patented Dynamic Cleaning, which optimizes the unit for sampling on hands and makes it ideal for high traffic environments. Dynamic Cleaning ensures optimal system performance and is resistant to contamination.

The B220 HT comes with the first-ever wand designed for passenger screening, which further reduces system contamination and has been certified by ECAC. Our inCal™ automatic internal calibration system uses no consumables and does not require operator intervention, allowing the screener to focus on security. Costs and inconveniences associated with false alarm rates are dramatically reduced with the B220 HT due to the system's FAR being more than 80% lower than required by certification bodies. No radioactive material is used in any of L3's trace detection products, so there are no associated certification, licensing, inspection, testing, transportation, or decommissioning costs.