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  • Low total costs of ownership
  • Full range of detectable substances
  • Rapid clear-down and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Patented non-contact vortex collector sample acquisition
  • Photonic (non-radioactive ionization)
  • Full range of detectable substances
  • User-expandable threat library
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

The H150 Handheld Trace Detector incorporates inCal™, a patented, fully automatic internal calibration system, that monitors the environment, senses changes that would affect its accuracy, and re-calibrates accordingly. No user intervention, no calibration consumables, no system down-time.

For detection, the sample is collected by the heated vortex, ionized photonically, and analyzed via Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS). The presence of a threat is indicated by both visible and audible alarms, and the substance is identified and displayed on the integrated LCD screen. Optionally, and at any time, a monitor and keyboard may be connected for convenient access to spectrogram display and analysis tools, administrative tools, and diagnostics.

When detecting a threat substance, the H150 rapidly alarms. This real-time detection limits equipment contamination and allows for rapid clear-down.