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Learn More about Multi Threat Locator DS (Dual Sensor)

  • Dual sensor technology
  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Advanced metal detection

Using the latest ground penetrating radar (GPR) and a breakthrough multi-frequency continuous-wave metal detector (MF-CWMD), the USA manufactured Multi Threat Locator-DS provides high-level target detection and target identification with very low false alarm rates (FAR). L3’s CWMD includes a unique set of three induction coils that create a central nested cavity that can sense the smallest secondary field (target signal) with the largest possible dynamic range.

The GPR is a unique stepped-frequency design that measures radar-phase data not available in competing pulsed radar systems.

Both the GPR and CWMD are frequency agile to maximize depth detection. The CWMD uses up to 30 frequencies and the GPR up to 100 frequencies for unique object identification capabilities. Multiple algorithms provide the best targets vs. clutter discrimination with a high probability of detection (Pd) and low FAR regardless of object depth or orientation.