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Learn More about Range-R® Link

  • Accurate, through wall detection with embedded wireless capability
  • Police/SWAT – determine the presence and location of assailants or hostages
  • Search & Rescue – locate injured people inside buildings
  • Firefighters – discover where people are trapped in a building

Range-R Link is a highly sensitive handheld radar system that detects and measures the presence and number of people through walls.

With an embedded wireless capability, Range‐R Link allows your team to virtually eliminate their exposure to the danger zone surrounding the building while still retaining the handheld capability of Range‐R when up close ops are required.

Virtual Sentry
Range‐R Link can be used to operate the sensor remotely. This enables a Range‐R Link, mounted on the Range‐R Link Monopod, to be strategically positioned against a wall and operated/monitored remotely from a safe location at least 100 meters away. When the Range‐R Link app is activated, scans can be controlled remotely so the unit can be left for an extended period with occasional scanning of the building interior. A dedicated MP3 device provides this capability in a pocket‐sized display. This “Virtual Sentry” capability minimizes your time in the fatal funnel.

Remote Viewing
Range‐R Link also speeds team communication of the situation at hand by permitting remote viewing of the target information. A dedicated WiFi net permits another team member to see simultaneously the same information as the operator. Up to four Range‐R Link displays can be viewed from the same remote display.

Range‐R Link is a Range‐R with embedded Wi‐Fi functionality. It is available for new purchases or by upgrade to your existing Range‐R units. The Range‐R Link system includes the Range‐R Link sensor, the Range‐R Link Monopod and a pocket‐sized remote display.

Advanced packaging design results in the smallest, lightest through wall sensor available today.

With near immediate analysis and results in seconds, RANGE-R Link provides first responders with critical information that may make the difference between life and death.

RANGE-R Link is a controlled item under the International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR). It may be exported with proper authorization by the U.S. Department of State.