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ProVision® 2 and ProVision® ATD

  • Private – no images created
  • Uses safe active millimeter wave radio technology
  • Widely deployed
  • TSA and EU CEP regulator approved

  • Imaging system
  • Uses safe active millimeter wave radio technology
  • Detects smaller objects
ProVision 2 and ProVision ATD | Advanced Personnel Screening | L3Harris Security & Detection Systems SafeView (replaces ProVision) | Advanced Personnel Screening | L3Harris Security & Detection Systems

L3's advanced personnel screening systems enhance security at checkpoints in any secure environment - airports, manufacturing facilities, government buildings, nuclear power plants and correctional institutions.

Both the ProVision® and the SafeView™ systems quickly screen personnel using safe active millimeter wave (MMW) radio frequency technology to detect concealed objects made of a broad variety of materials – both metallic and non-metallic.

  • ProVision 2 is an image-free solution that eliminates any privacy concerns. Software algorithms identify objects, threats, or contraband. Results are shown on a generic mannequin that is the same for every person.
  • SafeView is an imaging system that provides added visibility for reduced sized threats and contraband.
The individual’s experience with an L3 advanced personnel screener is convenient, straightforward and efficient, requiring only a single stationary position during a scan. The system does all the work for the customer and requires no special movements or motions.

ProVision and SafeView systems are safe and do not use X-rays or any ionizing radiation.

L3 has deployed more than 2000 millimeter wave body scanners at U.S. and international airports and other facilities, including federal and state courthouses, correctional institutions, nuclear power plants, border crossings, and commercial and manufacturing facilities.