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  • Configurable high-energy X-ray screening systems
  • Broad range of sensors such as radiation detectors
  • Used in border checkpoints, ports and on the move
Recognizing diverse cargo inspection needs, L3's ports and borders solutions offer customs and security officers a portfolio of configurable high-energy X-ray and radiation screening systems, unparalleled integration and support services that keep commerce flowing smoothly — everywhere cargo travels. L3 delivers advanced cargo imaging and detection capability generating cargo views with superior penetration and dynamic range. Image enhancement tools help operators maximize the accuracy and efficiency of their risk assessments.

L3's CV 2™ software solution integrates data from a variety of scanning systems onto a single, centralized display. The software is a user-friendly, visually-based solution that allows analysts to quickly assess cargo contents locally or remotely for contraband and other illegal materials.

L3 ports and borders solutions help bring your whole cargo operation together by presenting operators with a single unified view of a broad range of sensors such as radiation detectors, container number and license plate readers and manifest data. We integrate our platforms with your workflow, supporting key aspects of your operation such as traffic management, automated or remote operation, centralized image analysis and site-to-site networking. L3 solutions enable organizations to maintain screening standards while maximizing efficiency. The result is higher throughput, lower cost of ownership and a high level of confidence in inspection decisions.