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  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Capable of rapidly detecting and identifying both explosives and drugs
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

Drawing on its rich experience in advanced ion technologies,  L3 Security & Detection Systems has multiple advancements in trace detection technology that make its systems easier to use, less costly to own, and yield better detection results than competing products.

We believe trace detection users should be able to focus on security, not equipment maintenance. It all starts with our patented non-radioactive ionization source, which eliminates the planning, licensing, transport, leak test, and disposal issues associated with radioactive materials. The inCal™ automatic internal calibration system eliminates the need for operators to run calibration samples and keeps our systems ready to detect without operator intervention. Our automated smart clean and push-button maintenance systems also save time and effort, reducing overall system upkeep effort to just a few minutes per week.

It used to be that trace detection systems required a long list of supplies, such as calibration samples, membranes, as well as frequent dopant and calibrant  replacements. Some of these supplies often required special storage, such as refrigeration. The only supplies our systems need are sample traps (optional on the QS-H150), molecular sieve, and (for the QS-B220) low cost filters.

Our high resolution ion mobility spectrometer design delivers accurate detection and identification of threat substances with one of the lowest false alarm rates (FAR) in the industry — as much as 5 times better than regulatory requirements. This is complemented by rapid clear down (the time to reset after a sample), which is typically just a few seconds, even after the detection of a threat substance. Better selectivity and sensitivity paired with a faster clear down and low alarm rate mean better detection and higher throughput.