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L3 SDS has long recognized the need to provide customers with superior repair and diagnostic capabilities for the products we sell and support. This in-house capability ensures our customers’ systems are supported throughout their lifecycle and that maintenance costs are minimized. Our repair center capabilities include diagnostics, repair, test, failure analysis and quick repair turnaround to meet customers’ needs. Our repair service centers are staffed with trained technicians utilizing advanced tools and test equipment to ensure repairs are performed accurately and economically. As new products are introduced, the service center capabilities are updated to provide continuous support. Our team adheres to ANSI and API standards and is ISO 9001 certified.

Skilled and Fully Trained Technicians
Our technicians are OEM certified on multiple products as well as skilled in debugging printed circuit boards, power supplies and other complex computer or electrical components to determine the appropriate repair solution. Customized diagnostics software and specially designed test tools are employed to attain 100% repair performance and eliminate field failures once returned for installation. Technicians are cross-trained on all products, giving us the capability of quick turnaround repair time and emergency repairs to maximize system availability in the field.

Complete Failure Analysis as Required
Failure analysis is provided when requested by the customer. All field returned items are tested using a complete set of diagnostics on a fully configured system designed to replicate customer configuration and operating environments to assist in failure analysis and repair.

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