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Spare part and consumable orders are fulfilled via customer-driven delivery options: overnight, next-flight-out and local courier services. L3 SDS maintains a global distribution network of regional distribution centers and localized forward stocking locations modeled to support dependable, reliable and expeditious delivery of OEM parts required to support system operational availability.  Spare part and consumables stocking levels are managed by an enterprise system designed to forecast our customers’ requirements well in advance of need.
Distribution Logistics & Warehousing
With close to 100 forward stocking locations, we are able to fill most parts and consumable orders the same day they are received using our global distribution network. Our stocking locations place the inventory in close proximity to the point-of-use, thus enhancing system operational availability.

Parts and Consumables

L3 SDS provides OEM-specified spare parts and consumables for our products, designed to maintain the superior detection capabilities built into every L3 SDS product. All spare parts and consumables provide our customers with high quality products to ensure maximum performance and safety standards for their L3 SDS equipment and peripherals. 

Spare Parts and Consumables Order Processing
Processing orders and shipping parts is only a portion of our after-sale support commitment.  Parts and consumable orders are supported by knowledgeable professionals who assist with any questions a customer may have to ensure the correct product is ordered first time, every time.

Specialized Spare Part and Consumables Support Modeling
L3 SDS can provide customized spares and support plans to meet budget and system availability requirements. 

Purchase/RMA Parts Support Contact

North America
United States
Toll Free: 800-776-3031
Toll: 727-369-4356
Email: logisticsvendors.sds@L-3com.com
Tel: +1 727 556 0270
Customer support 1-800-776-3031

Latin America
Email: logisticsvendors.sds@L-3com.com
Tel: +1 727 556 0270
Customer support 1-800-776-3031
Email: latinamericaorder.sds@L-3com.com

Tel: +55 21 3489 3315 Ext. 318

United Kingdom:
Phone:  +44 (0) 1344 477900

Tel: +39 345 016 3543

Saudi Arabia
Tel +966 554 799 904

United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 609 1906

Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2587 1777

Tel: +86 10 59761616

Tel: + 82 32 741 6495/6


Tel: +65 6787 0118


Tel: +60 3 877 63165


India Tel: +91-124-4696703

Toll Free: 800 009729
Toll: +61 3 9353 7500

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